Grenoble Cell Biology Club

The Grenoble area gathers an important scientific community working in physics, biophysics and cell biology with many fruitful interdisciplinary collaborations favored by the proximity of the large instruments of ESRF and ILL and the local expertise in the field of molecular and cellular biology, optical imaging and image analysis, force measurements, microfluidics and modelling. The "Grenoble Cell Biology Club" aims at facilitating interactions between researchers in life science and physics, who have a direct interest in the understanding of cell functioning and organization at the molecular, tissue and organ levels, both in physiological and pathological contexts.

Our main focuses are:

  1. Cell organization at the molecular level
  2. Cell morphology and interaction with the environment
  3. Cell-cell organization, adhesion & communication in tissues and organs

The club aims to promote networking and facilitate collaborations through regular local meetings (3 to 4 per years) and invitations of external speakers in specific field of interest.

The organizing committee is currently animated by Corinne Albiges-Rizo (IAB), Isabelle Arnal (GIN), Martial Balland (Liphy) and Laurent Blanchoin (IRIG).

Three other clubs are running in Grenoble: Host-Pathogen Interactions, Drug Discovery, Grenoble Epigenetic Club.

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